Architecture & Structure

At Medcale International our architectural department has an extensive experience with more than 70 projects in 3 continents, around 3500 residential properties, another 6500 in current development, hotels, urban commercial and industrial planing, we are also specialised in hospital and healthcare projects, with state of the art installations, and also fully functioning medical emergency air and land transport.

Healthcare & Clinical Facilities

We are specialised in healthcare and clinical facilities and installations, our expert team can asses the best working solution for public or private installations, we offer a complete turnkey product, including full facility commissioning, human resources, environment friendly installations with integrated recyclable energy & waste elimination technology, management cost reduction due to medical device asset management systems & auto production for medical oxygen integrated technology, also thanks to our companies SAB Scientific Admission Board, we are even specialised in fully functioning emergency air & land transport systems and services, and other collateral facilities.

  • Healthcare facilities, hospital, clinics, specialised clinical centers
  • Hospital and healthcare facility commissioning
  • State of the art healthcare technology
  • Fully operational medical emergency air & land transport 
  • Recyclable energy & waste elimination technology in healthcare installations, and more

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