Advanced Biocides for the Industry

Medcale® Biotechnological´s Biocides are a breakthrough in technology in the way that they kills more germs than other disinfectants yet use less chemical to do so. They are even classed as “food safe” and can be used on open food preparation areas without rinsing.  

They kills up to 99.999999% of germs in under 1 minute – in one application and then continues to kill and protect that surface for up to 14 days...   No other product can do this.

Advanced Technology

Our Biocide´s kills more germs than bleach and disinfectants and is safer and kinder to humans, animals and the environment. They kills microbial germs, not our body cells as with other well known products and outperforms all other disinfectants with it’s residual surface biofilm protection lasting up to 14 days on surfaces.

What does it Kill ?

Our Biocide´s  kill viruses such as hepatitis C, Polio, Adeno virus, HIV in minutes and bacteria such as hospital superbugs like MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella and Klebsiella pneumonia in seconds. 

It also kills the dreaded and feared Clostridium difficile (C.diff) which is responsible for many hospital deaths.

Tested by the leading NHS microbiology laboratoratory and UKAS accredited virology laboratories it is proven to outperform all other disinfectants.







•  E. COLI









The 20 Second Kill to 99.9999%

Our Biocide´s are proven to kill major pathogens such as MRSA, E.coli and Salmonella in 20 seconds to greater than log6 (99.9999%) and can kill C.diff spores and viruses such as Hepatitis C and Polio yet remains a food safe product. 

Tested at NHS and UKAS laboratories Medcale® Biotechnological´s Biocides have proven there efficacy as a broad spectrum disinfectants.

Our Biocide´s are safe products that can tackle any pathogen.  They kills gram negative as well as gram positive bacteria, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, yeasts and fungicidal, spores and moulds. 

Typical kill factor 1 minute to greater than log6 (99.999999%). 

Latest testing from August – November 2011 has proven the above kill rates at:

               EN NORMS

  •  EN1276
  •  EN1040
  •  EN13696  (BACTERIA)
  •  EN13697  (FUNGICIDAL)
  •  EN1275
  •  EN1650
  •  EN13704  (SPORES)
  •  EN14348

  •  EN13727
  •  EN1499
  •  EN1500

Why is a fast Kill time essential to prevent Infections ?

In Today’s Modern, fast moving, time conscious world, standard testing even to EN Norms accreditation may not be good enough as these tests are generally at a time of full efficacy at 60 minutes – that’s one hour after cleaning and disinfecting! Who waits 60 minutes? 

So we decided to set the testing standard themselves at  a few minutes such as 1, 3 or 5 minutes max. 

The result is that it can kill pathogens and germs to EN Norms standards in a fraction of the time, typically 1 minute. 

We even have EN1276 and EN1040 testing at LOG6 (99.9999%) in 20 seconds !!  Medcale Biotechnological´s Biocides can kill to LOG6 in 3 minutes even when diluted to 400-1.

That´s 0.25% - Remarkable !!

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