Medical Devices & Electronic & Supplies

We have complete product lines for sanitary & hospital furniture, and also over 110 species of products produced by the Group, with over 2,000 specifications more, which can be categorised into seven major categories.

1.   Disposable medical consumables and materials   

2.   Orthopaedic implants, materials and tools

3.   Medical needle products

4.   Blood purification consumables

5.   Heart eluting stent

6.   Pre-filled syringes for use in medicine packaging

7.   Surgical equipment + Hospital & clinical furniture

1)   Disposable medical consumables and materials, including infusion (transfusion) sets, syringes, blood bags and blood component segregator consumables, blood sampling consumables, dental consumables and anaesthetic consumables, as well as medical PVC granules and non-PVC granules; 

2)   Orthopaedic materials and tools, mainly including therapeutic consumables such as steel plates, screws, spinal series consumables and artificial joints consumables which are currently under development; 

3)  Medical needle products, mainly including intravenous needles, syringe needles, intravenous catheter needles, blood sampling needles and irregular needles; 

4)  Blood purification consumables, mainly including renal consumables such as puncture needles, blood circuit, dialysis equipment, and immunity adsorption products for the treatment of immune system diseases such as lupus erythematosus, rejections in organ transplants, atrophic arthritis, as well as other LDL adsorption products, internal toxin adsorption products and hepatitis B adsorption products which are under the process of development and registration; 

5)   Heart eluting stent, mainly including drug eluting stent and balloon catheter and 

6)   Pre-filled syringes for use in medicine packaging.

7)   Full equipped furniture systems for hospital and clinics, Surgical equipment.

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