Corporate Experience

We aim to deliver the highest level of service and customer care to our clients across the world, thats why the people that make up Medcale International are highly professional, experienced and dedicated.


Our in depth knowledge, past experience and present positions, including high ranking post´s in leading European medical organisations and national governmental positions of some of our directive board members, give us a privileged vision of the idiosyncrasy and reality of the actual & future markets, with real, successful and contrasted experience in country & area management which include market analysis, sales forces, human resources and asset management for some of the most important Pharmaceutical & Medical multinational company´s worldwide.

Also, among other things, some of our board members have been directly responsible for implementing important changes and features like nation wide emergency services and transport, social security auditing, and direct official council to the ministry of health in countries like Spain.


Other areas of the company like our engineering department is specialised and has a great contrasted experience in industrial applications & solutions in renewable energy, waste elimination, water treatment and other engineered technologies like, mechanical, electrical structural and civil engineering, Medcale engineering is currently undergoing projects in 4 continents, some directly in collaboration with governmental institutions.


Medcale international has a strategic international consulting department, we have consultants in 35 locations, 18 countries worldwide, they are fundamentally leading experts in their field of practice, and with more than a 1000 projects delivered in the last 12 years,.


Our architectural department has an extensive experience with more than 70 projects in 3 continents, healthcare & hospital facilities and installations, around 3500 residential properties, another 6500 in current development, hotel developments, urban commercial and industrial planing and even golf course development..

We also collaborate and venture with world class companies & technologies to insure & guarantee our company´s capacity to take on any project, in the field of Healthcare, Engineering & Architecture, or Civil Engineering, also Research & Development + innovation, and Distribution of world class leading healthcare, biotech and engineered products and technologies.

At  we aim to deliver the highest level of service and customer care to our clients across the world, thats why the people that make up Medcale® International are highly professional, experienced and dedicated.


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