Medcale International is a Biotech & Engineering company that specialises in healthcare, biotechnology and industrial engineering with a special emphasis in renewable energy.

We are interested in people, global issues, basic necessities & deficiencies and specially new challenges in areas like healthcare, sustainable energy generation and adequate water supply, that´s one of the reasons why our corporate culture is customer oriented, assuring excellent quality high grade solutions , turnkey projects & installations, and world class leading biotech, medical, and engineered products, for a more sustainable environment, a more accessible global healthcare & medical provision, and overall a brighter future for our next generations.

We work globally, our headquarters are situated in Europe and have consultants in more than 35 locations, 18 countries worldwide.

We work with industry leading technology partners, business IT consultancies, and industry leading organisations to provide best of breed solutions in healthcare, engineering, civil works, architecture and other industrial areas.

We have a extensive portfolio of global business opportunities around the world valued in well over 60 Billion euros, with projects ranging from Healthcare facilities, Industrial installations, Oil and gas, mining, civil works, renewable energy, construction and engineering.

There are plenty of opportunities for private and corporate investors, if you would like to know more about our global operations and investment opportunities please contact us through the provided link below:

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Partnership & Ventures

Medcale International has the commitment of being at the forefront of technology applied in all our areas, ensuring that we work and venture with carefully selected partners, who share a similar approach in driving transformation and delivering the highest degree of professional quality, we strive to deliver in every one of our projects and ventures.

We are open to partnerships, ventures and collaborations with industrial, engineering, medical, biotech and technological companies.

We are also open to those professionals that might be interested in working with us on a associate basis, there are plenty of opportunities for those with relevant skills and experience.

If you would like to discuss becoming a Medcale International partner, please contact us through the provided link below:

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We work globally with consultants in more than 35 locations in 18 countries worldwide, and a have a portfolio of global business opportunities valued in more than 60 billion euros.....  

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