Medcale Integrated Solutions

Medcale International offers a complete turnkey solution for every area, our multi-disciplinary approach and the long track record of our professionals and consultants enable us tailor design any project, with special emphasis on innovation, cost effectiveness, quality of work and environment.

We offer a diversity of specialisations, and experience in a wide spectrum of feasibility studies, social studies, and asset appraisals and valuations, also our support for green developments and environmental pollution control and energy savings.

We focus on results, with clear practical advice, and offer complete Know How and solutions that work, adapted in all areas.


Future uncertainties, from economic shifts to climate change, are complicating the business landscape.

Medcale International´s consultants break down traditional silos of thinking to help organisations, companies and governments consider their future drivers of change, and plan ahead with greater confidence and knowledge.


To meet the challenge of building or restructuring new healthcare facilities, you need a strong partner who helps you to realise your project vision.

Medcale Integrated Turnkey Solutions supports you with everything required for a one-stop-solution, focused on the needs and targets of your medical organisation, our extensive team of professionals our some of the most experienced world wide, with over a 1000 projects delivered in the las 12 years, extensive experience collaborating directly with international agencies, organisations and governments, driving healthcare projects and medical sanitary campaigns in five continents.

▪  Consulting and financing

▪  Development and/or enhancement of project ideas

▪  Working concepts

▪  Overall planning and implementation

▪  Unique partnership

▪  Architecture, Structure, Engineering, Full commissioning

▪  Human and medical resources and organisation

▪  Advanced IT managment control systems

▪  State of the art medical advanced technology

No matter what your individual requirements are, you can count on a comprehensive partnership. We guide you through the complete process and help you by:

Setting the strategic direction for a future-proof solution

Analysis-driven recommendations for planned investments to meet current and future market needs

Workflow-oriented design methodologies and careful project management for efficient and cost-effective  facility concepts that are on schedule and within budget

Performance monitoring, outcome planning or technical operation for enhancements in clinical, operational, and financial performance


Medcale International works from inception to completion, we plan, execute, and control projects backed by proactive planning and first-hand knowledge of contract terms, client objectives, responsibilities, and capabilities.

Our Project budgets are continuously monitored to secure budget and contract compliance. Adept technical and human resources are pooled to forge effective project organisation structures.

Our Focus is maintained on diligent communication lines with clients to sustain long-lasting business relationships. Meanwhile, in accordance with the best engineering ethics, plans are set, goals are defined, and methods are devised to accomplish project requirements within set budget and time schedule.

One of our goals as a global company is to identify opportunities and solutions to improve system and equipment performance, production processes and regulatory compliance, adapt working and industrial technology to environmental compliance, and most of all, the ability to present our clients with a full turnkey solution experience and service

Our Offering

Engineering Planning and Specifications

Maintenance Management

Process Safety Complience

Project Services

Financial Engineered Consulting

Our Areas & Products

Industrial, Architectural & Civil Engineering Projects 

Medium & High Voltage Products & Services

Waste Installations, USW, MSW, HCW, NHIW

Energy From Waste

Biomass & Pyrolysis

Efficient Building


Environmental Services

Architecture & Structure

Operational Excellence

Human Resources

Energy Saving & Social Impact Assesments


Cogeneration & Trigeneration

Onshore Wind Farms

Photovoltaic Installations

Solar Thermal Power

Isolated Energy facilities

Energy Efficiency

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